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A consultation, usually two to three sessions, can serve as a first step in identifying, exploring, and addressing issues that prompted the initial contact with a therapist. For many this is often their first experience with a mental health professional. I see my role as encouraging a person to tell their story, understanding what is said, and trying to understand the person who says it.

A consultation can be used as a springboard for further services or as a focused brief intervention, which can provide sufficient resolution at that moment. Further services that go beyond two to three sessions can be provided by myself, or if needed, a referral to a trusted colleague will be provided.


People initiate treatment to discuss different aspects of their lives and explore difficulties they may be having in adequately managing or solving the challenges they are facing. I have had great success helping people who are struggling with a wide range of issues including:

   Life transitions

   Depression and Anxiety

   Adjustment Disorder

   Intimacy and Relationship Issues

   Substance use/abuse


   Career and Work problems

   Family of Origin Issues

   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

   Attachment Trauma

   Low self esteem

   Identity issues


   Sexuality and Sexual concerns 


In couples therapy, or relationship counseling, the patient or client is the couple. In other words, although composed of two individuals, the couple's dynamics are at the center of the work in treatment. Once these dynamics are better understood, the work is geared toward facilitating better communication, fostering greater insight into the patterns that create conflict, and changing problematic dynamics into more productive mutual understanding.


Since 2004 I have provided clinical supervision to therapists in training, and consultation services to licensed clinicians. I have supervised students from SFSU, Smith College School for Social Work, JFK University, The Wright Institute, CIIS, University of California Berkeley, Richmond Area Multi- Services, SFUSD, Saint Mary's, and the University of San Francisco,

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